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If you want to upload our stuff to YouTube (or do something similar), you’re allowed to do so and you don’t have to ask us, as long as it’s something off the albums listed here (if it’s not, then it’s probably a bootleg or something, please support us by not spreading these), and is free to download.

The Physiognomy Of Dreams (100% original content breakcore)

the best of datamnesia [BC] (chiptune, ambient, house)

Gardenaria (simulated chiptune with *core and acoustic influences)

Spice [flac] (Vocaloid covers with real vocals, chiptune, lo-fi)

assemble [flac] (old school glitch-hop)

W32.Maid.CA [mp3] (chiptune, glitch, noise)

W32.Maid.CB [flac] (chiptune, glitch, noise)

Identity Crisis [flac] (various)

FamiTracker Covers [flac] (chiptune)

sour (acid)

apprehension [mp3 | flac] (dark ambient)

EDM Is Dead [flac] (noisecore)

Punk’s Not Break (breakcore)

line (minimal, glitch, house)

Kaoss Jams [mp3] (very varied)

The Task EP [mp3 | flac] (darkcore etc)

Shitmusic Strong Remixes [DC | CD for cat charity] (mashcore, others)

Shitmusic Stronger [DC | BC] (mashcore)

Shitmusic Strong [DC | BC | CD] (mashcore)

COOL WC [mp3 | flac] (mashcore, breakcore etc)

Cooler WC Music Strongest (mashcore)

2015 remasters [mp3 | flac | CD] (mashcore; includes the split with goreshit and other DANCE CORPS stuff)

W32.Maid.B [mp3 | flac] (chiptune, glitch, noise)

W32.Maid.A [mp3] (previously as Evil Maid; chiptune, glitch, noise)

Supa Fresh [BC] (disco house, futurefunk)

redacted komiksy dla dzieci​/​stealing ideas from redacted ripe and calling it bootleg (mashcore, j-core)

Poison Ivy (witch house)

Sugar [mp3] (Vocaloid covers with real vocals, “j-core” etc)

HEALTHCORE EP [mp3 | flac] (ukhc- and makina-inspired)

Previously Unreleased [mp3 | flac] (not to be confused with “unreleased”; breakcore-inspired etc)

mallware [BC] (vaporwave, mallsoft)

mitsubawave [BC] (vaporwave, mallsoft)

vapor.wav [BC] (vaporwave, future funk)

abandonwave [mp3] (vaporwave etc)

Healthhouse EP (EDM, house)

Fee Jazz Sessions [lobit | flacBC] (vaporwave, mallsoft, (dark) ambient)

VERY FAST ANIME MUSIC (anime *core stuff)

KAWAIICORE ULTIMATE (anime *core stuff)

Musicless Sounds (noise)

freakshow 4 (dark ambient, noise, vaporwave, samplecore, experimental)

freakshow 3 [BC] (dark ambient, noise, witch house, samplecore, experimental)

PS: there may be some exclusives on patreon.

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