The Physiognomy Of Dreams (100% original content breakcore)

the best of datamnesia (chiptune, ambient, house)

Spice [flac] (Vocaloid covers with real vocals, chiptune, lo-fi)

assemble [flac] (old school glitch-hop)

W32.Maid.CA [mp3] (chiptune, glitch, noise)

W32.Maid.CB [flac] (chiptune, glitch, noise)

mallware [BC] (vaporwave, mallsoft)

Identity Crisis [flac] (various)

FamiTracker Covers [flac] (chiptune)

sour (acid)

apprehension [mp3 | flac] (dark ambient)

EDM Is Dead [flac] (noisecore)

Punk’s Not Break (breakcore)

Supa Fresh 2 [tape | flac] (future funk, signalwave)

line (minimal, glitch, house)

The Task EP [mp3 | flac] (darkcore etc)

Shitmusic Strong Remixes [DC | CD for cat charity] (mashcore, others)

Shitmusic Stronger [DC | BC] (mashcore)

Shitmusic Strong [DC | BC | CD] (mashcore)

COOL WC [mp3 | flac] (mashcore, breakcore etc)

Cooler WC Music Strongest (mashcore)

Supa Fresh [BC] (disco house, futurefunk)

2021 remasters [flac] (dark breakcore, experimental, “drain/glitchcore”)

2015 remasters [mp3 | flac | CD] (mashcore; includes the split with goreshit and other DANCE CORPS stuff)

W32.Maid.B [mp3 | flac] (chiptune, glitch, noise)

W32.Maid.A [mp3] (previously as Evil Maid; chiptune, glitch, noise)

Kaoss Jams [mp3] (very varied)

redacted komiksy dla dzieci​/​stealing ideas from redacted ripe and calling it bootleg (mashcore, j-core)

mitsubawave [BC] (vaporwave, mallsoft)

vapor.wav [BC] (vaporwave, future funk)

abandonwave [mp3] (vaporwave etc)

Poison Ivy (witch house)

Sugar [mp3] (Vocaloid covers with real vocals, “j-core” etc)

HEALTHCORE EP [mp3 | flac] (ukhc- and makina-inspired)

Previously Unreleased [mp3 | flac] (not to be confused with “unreleased”; breakcore-inspired etc)

Healthhouse EP (EDM, house)

Fee Jazz Sessions [lobit | flacBC] (vaporwave, mallsoft, (dark) ambient)

VERY FAST ANIME MUSIC (anime *core stuff)

KAWAIICORE ULTIMATE (anime *core stuff)

Musicless Sounds (noise)

freakshow 4 (dark ambient, noise, vaporwave, samplecore, experimental)

freakshow 3 (dark ambient, noise, witch house, samplecore, experimental)