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solo albums:

The Physiognomy Of Dreams (100% original content breakcore)

Gardenaria (fake chiptunes with original compositions and some *core influences)

reformat (as datamnesia; ambient, house, glitch)

Gardenaria (demo version) (same style as the full one but free, longer and with more acoustic and less chip drums)

The Task EP [v0 | flac] (darkcore etc)

pikotek (as datamnesia; real chiptune)

Shitmusic Stronger [DC | BC] (mashcore)

Shitmusic Strong [DC | BC | CD] (mashcore)

COOL WC [v0 | flac] (mashcore, breakcore etc)

2015 remasters [v0 | flac | CD] (mashcore)

W32.Maid.B [v0 | flac] (chiptune, glitch, noise)

W32.Maid.A [v0] (previously as Evil Maid; chiptune, glitch, noise)

Supa Fresh (disco house, futurefunk)

HALO (´・ω・`) RINGCORE [v0 | flac] (dnb and many others)

HEALTHCORE EP [v0 | flac] (ukhc- and makina-inspired)

Previously Unreleased [v0 | flac] (not to be confused with “unreleased”; breakcore-inspired etc)

mitsubawave [BC] (vaporwave, mallsoft)

vapor.wav [BC] (vaporwave, future funk)

to nie jest kurwa tokjo (fakebit, j-core etc)

freakshow 3 [BC] (dark ambient, noise, witch house, samplecore, experimental)

60 Billion [redacted] loads (samplecore/mash-up jokes)

Intensywnie Średnie Żarty Dla Gimbusów [v0] (samplecore/mash-up jokes)

MC ODAXINHO – o melhor da música do breakcore 2016 (funk carioca/samplecore/mash-up jokes)

mam prawo mieć własne zdanie (conceptual noise)

KAWAIICORE (noisy “lоlicоre”)

KAWAIICORE II (noisy “lоlicоre”)

KAWAIICORE III (noisy “lоlicоre”)

KAWAIICORE IV (noisy “lоlicоre”)

KAWAIICORE ULTIMATE [CD] (I-IV + bonus, noisy “lоlicоre”)

splits/VA/remix appearances:

Laptop Lobotomy (breakcore)

VIPTRONIC 12 (chiptune-inspired)

J-CORE MASTERZ VOL.10 & 11, BASTARD POP TERRORISTS VOL.14 & 15 (mashcore) and Remixes & Reworkz (speedcore) should be available on and

Touhou vs Core vol. 01 (breakcore)

The Orgasmic Movement Part 2 (mashcore)

umio remixes (breakcore)

Chip Break In The Clouds  (chipbreak)

Speedcore Invasion Vol. 3 (speedcore)

Glitch Village 8 (breakcore)

88 = Happy Hardcore (mashcore)

night tactics (mashcore)

Dance Corps 4 – Return To Planet Dancecore (as Zbuntowany Roman; mashcore)

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Planned albums: <link>

(sorry for anything that may be considered offensive)

old archive – includes the jokes and stuff that was later remastered such as the split with goreshit and DANCE CORPS stuff