old releases

This list DOESN’T include newest releases that are way better than the older ones! This is just an archive of mostly pre-2013 work.
Check these out only if you’re really curious and have way too much time on your hands (still, the higher up the list, the better). Please excuse explicit samples and such.
Note: this has nothing to do with the style or opinion, for example Shitmusic Strong is like an upgrade for PARTYCORE – literally the same style, but with a bit more skill and effort put into it, so it just sounds better, and anything that had any value was later remastered anyway (including PARTYCORE, the split with goreshit and stuff).
Please don’t confuse other listeners by tagging our stuff on websites such as last.fm according to these – they were mostly made between 2009 and 2012 and are different than later odaxelagnia music (and we keep taking the other direction).

solo albums as odaxelagnia:



unreleased (not to be confused with “Previously Unreleased”)

freakshow 2

Vocaloid Remix Album (there was also a CD-R version on RDC RECORDS)

Another Bad Album

Music Sucks

edgy Is Back

Hi Speed Christmas Album

Dark Corners vol. 2


Dark Corners

The Chiptune Album

A tribute to…



splits/VA appearances as odaxelagnia:

Loffciamcore – edgy Remixes

odaxelagnia/Akamushi/Reizoko Cj/goreshit split

Reizoko Cj – Dark Side

Dance Corps 3 – What Is Dancecore?



Polish edgy

edgy Music Trends


Energetic Hardcore Monsters Vol. 2

Loffciamcore & Odaxelagnia – Party Warfare!!!

edgy Commerz features the same track as DCRPS008, no idea if it’s still available to buy

Genres Compilation

The Merry edgy Christmas Hardcore Compilation!

Core² ~softcore MEETS hardcore~

ADHD edgycore edgy!!!

Dancegore Warriors

Hit It Ackbar!

Loffciamcore vs. odaxelagnia & Bloody Vomit edgy – Furious edgycore!!!

odaxelagnia/HYMEN split

HYMEN – Breakcore Reject

When Noise Replaces Life


The Crucifiction Of Commerce


Assorted Extratone Peasantry

Loffciamcore vs. odaxelagnia & Imil – 3 Way Shit

Mainstream Must Die

Polska Ja Wersyja: 4 18 Disskore

LC & odaxelagnia – edgy Nonsenscore Shitsplit

Let’s Make A Bad Song A Good Song

odaxelagnia & Bloody Vomit edgyedgy Hardcore

Final Exams

Absolute Moetone Anthems Volume 1

R3 – same as with Vocaloid Remix Album, no idea if RDC RECORDS is still up, sorry


Yuri Yum Yum-odaxelagnia split

Polska Ja Wersyja: Polcore To Stan Umysłu

Below are the other aliases – all solo albums are marked with a “•”, the others are VAs, splits etc.

as datamnesia (glitch etc):

Soundtracks That Never Were, vol. 1

Global Destruction (also features a track by BST)

as BST (speedcore+chiptune+nsfw samples):

Sanity Break

Tanoshi Torture

This Is edgy •

Speedcore Invasion

Double Brain edgy

KyokudoCore 8 Bit Adventures

Global Destruction (also features a track by datamnesia)

編曲アルバム •

as edgy NURSE (low effort mashcore, “edgycore”):

edgy NURSE EP •

Zbuntowany Roman (mashcore/”samplecore” etc):

Psychopathic Sound edgy

Annoying Ringtone – Black Market Sound Murderer

Polska Ja Wersyja: 5 Waj Polcore edgy

Piosenka O Jeżu •

as bożena 100003BPM (“samplecore”+extratone+noise group with LC):

extratone ep I •

extratone ep II •

Best Off W edgy •

Extratone Sampler Vol. 2 (Breake The Speeed)

prawilny noise z kosmosu •

one time aliases:

Loffciamcore – Terror edgy Machine (as edgying edgyhole, breakcore)

ViptronIX (as FAKEBIT VIPPER, chiptune)

May Dismay (split with mhzesent as anonymous, dark ambient/noise)

List of aliases (all are either dead or re-integrated back into odax since 2015): evil maid (chiptune+glitch+noise), edgy nurse (mashcore), zbuntowany roman (“polcore”), fakebit vipper (one time chiptune), penis (one time makina), edgying edgyhole (one time breakcore), not odaxelagnia (one time samplecore), 187 fockdown (one time “edgystep”), anonymous (dark ambient/noise), datamnesia and subgroups (glitch+ambient+house+chiptune), BST (fast *core with explicit samples), Witchstep Records (witch house)
Groups at least one of our 2009-2015 members is/was also in: fajnefilmikixd (samplecore/mashup), bożena 100003BPM (samplecore/extratone), SKRD Crew!!! (samplecore/”polcore”), Chernobyl Pokemons (“midigrind”)