our CD label

check out odaxelagnia on:

facebook – frequent updates

(also check: vocalist’s cosplay facebook fanpage, her artblog, twitter and instagram)

cupsell (eng/pol) – buy t-shirts and other stuff (NOT music)

patreon – donate to us on monthly basis

ko-fi – quick simple one-time donation box

soundcloud – some exclusives + promos for released odaxelagnia stuff

the other soundcloud account – only for already released tracks

youtube – promos for released and new stuff, some weird jokes and other videos

tumblr – everything and nothing – ask us anything; sometimes inactive

Maria’s (main producer) instagram for random snapshots (and twitter for shitposts) if you want to get to know me better

you can also try contacting us at the commission email

we also have bandcamp profiles but they’re listed as album sources where applicable, and some other accounts we don’t really use anymore