My stance on internet- and *core-related subgenres

Here’s how I PERSONALLY understand subgenres of music that are at least in a way related to odax. This is my opinion, I’m not going to correct anybody or anything, that’s just what I mean when I label music with these words. I’m not going to describe such huge and defined genres as gabber. I’ll refer to genres such as breakcore and speedcore in a technical way.

Mashcore (also happy breakcore?) – umbrella term for breakcore tracks (sometimes also applies to forms of speedcore or hardcore) with heavy use of samples, mostly from popular songs (many at once), often – but not always – arranged in a funny way. Examples: Foxdye – Monsters Of Meme, Renard – Even The Odd Found Love, IllegallyEmbezzleMp3 – Vsjushnoj MuzykiVoli

edgycore – umbrella term for fast, noisy and (often) simple stuff with samples from anime and/or japanese music. Harsher than what people call “j-core”. Mostly speedcore and breakcore. Said to be started as a joke by edgy RIPE and Onomatopeee (also CDR and goreshit?) independently in 2006. Examples: goreshit – annual hair wash, edgy RIPE – Jugendmusik für die Infantilgesällschaft, Nasty Maid Grinder – La canción del caracol que no me acuerdo el nombre

Dancecore – typically less breakcore- and more 4/4 gabba kicks-oriented than other mashcore-related stuff, 190-250 BPM; focuses on sampling ’90s eurodance (sometimes happy hardcore, ’00s pop etc as well). Probably started by Annoying Ringtone and USA Kings around 2007-2008. Examples: Annoying Ringtone – Magicstars, USA Kings – Powered By Zubrowka, Wan Bushi – Eurodance Vibes part 5

Raggacore (also junglecore?) – breakcore with ragga vocals (which makes it closer to its jungle roots), examples: FFF – Murder, Aaron Spectre – Look Out Fi Liar, Shitmat – Rougher Babylon

Digital grindcore – seems to be coined by OZIGIRI to refer to his style, which is speedcore with grindcore influences (growling vocals and guitars), in a similar way that digital hardcore is hardcore techno + hardcore punk. Not to be confused with cybergrind, which is more grind than electronic, as opposed to digital grindcore. Examples: OZIGIRI – Digital Grinding Slaughter, Filthy – Persecution, PETROL HOERS – JUST BUCKING

Shitcore – I don’t know, Passenger Of Shit uses that to refer to his music, which is harsh speedcore with grindcore-like vocals and stuff

Samplecore – even more sample-based than mashcore, doesn’t really have to be musical, example: Foxdye – Potatoes

Polcore – mashcore (sometimes also samplecore) with a lot of polish samples, often vulgar. Somehow closer to speedcore than breakcore technically. Example: Dif – Lewe Ręce

Chipbreak – literally breakcore + chiptune, example: Sabrepulse – Nintendokore

Nintendocore – basically guitar music + chiptune (often metalcore-related), example: 100DEADRABBITS – Rainbow Road

Bonus (I may be even more wrong about these):
Nightcore – literally speeding up tracks (used to happen mostly to eurodance and handsup but now everything gets “nightcored”, pls stop), example: Caramell – Caramelldansen (speedycake remix)
Vaporwave – close to being the opposite of nightcore, slowing (often older) tracks down but also chopping them up a bit, adding simple effects and such, really similar to “chopped and screwed” hiphop. There are also some other related stuff such as seapunk/netpunk I’m not that much into so I’m not gonna explain that (witch house seems to be more original- and less sample-based than that though). Example: MACINTOSH PLUS – リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー
Darkcore seems to refer to two different genres:
a) darkcore with gabber roots (also industrial hardcore) – slower (below 180 BPM?), darker style of hardcore. Example: Lower Frequenciez – System
b) darkcore with dnb roots (also darkstep and crossbreed?) – really dark, heavy and monotonic subgenre of dnb with hardcore influence, example: The Outside Agency & Current Value – They Are Human
Speedcore: 400-600 BPM, splittercore: 600-900 BPM, extratone: >900 BPM. Some people seem to consider splittercore and extratone tracks as just really fast speedcore, which would make them sub-subgenres I guess. Btw. the extratone name comes from the fact that at very high speed, the transients become so fast they create an additional (extra) tone – about 16Hz fundamental for a 1000 BPM kickdrum for example.
What I consider typical breakcore: Microphyst – Dyslexic Selecta